Southern Sun is a metal art company started by the Caldwell family in May of 2013. Sierra is a trained artist from the University of Iowa, and came back to Alabama to start her dream of being a full time artist. She does the airbrushing, patina, and clear coating. Mark is the head of the business. After retiring from 26+ years in the US Navy as a diesel mechanic, he decided to take it easy with high heat torches and and high pressure pneumatic tools. He does the forming and soldering, along with much of the designing of the products. Helen is the head of the household and the face of our retail operations. The buck stops with her! Together, we're Southern Sun! We specialize in metal art for the garden and the indoors. It's all hand made by Mark and Sierra, with our creations designed by ourselves and inspired by nature. We only use the highest quality, rust resistant metals: copper and brass. We polish it to a high shine, then paint it with custom automotive paints. We finish it with a high gloss polyurethane, making it resistant to all types of weather and in need of very little maintenance. Although we have our own designs and stock of critters, flowers and plants, we welcome any special orders or ideas to add to our stock. If you can think of it, we can create it! We don't have a retail store front yet, but we will be doing arts and craft shows, and we are always available by phone or email for any orders you desire at any time of the year. We will ship all over the world as well.

Our Inventory is ever changing and always expanding. What you see on the website are only examples of our work. We create the pieces in many colors, patinas and sizes. When a new piece is created , we will add their categories to the site. Check out our expanding inventory every week! There is always something new in store.

About Our Business

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Different sizes and colors are available upon request.